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Guided Spiral Imagery | Insight Timer
This meditation uses sacred geometry as means to heal and nourish the body, mind and spirit. It can be used on a daily basis when dealing with illness or as desired in a healthy person to witness energy flow in the body and maintain a deep sense of inner harmony. The power of this meditation is in its ability to teach the meditator to experience their conscious awareness as both the giver and receiver of energy. It can be used as a pre-surgery meditation to encourage the body to heal more rapidly, or before any stressful situation. You may also consider doing this meditation in place of “counting sheep” before bed! If doing the meditation to promote sleep, you may want to lie down and keep the hands on the heart center throughout the meditation; it is not necessary to close the spiral before sleep and you may want to set your intention for the light field to finish the expanding spiral pattern if you fall asleep before it is completed. Energy is a dance; a spiral is a special dance.
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