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Practical Ways To Ease Stress In Your Workday
This 10-day course applies the ancient tools and techniques of yoga—movement, breathing, mindfulness, and self-awareness—to the nitty-gritty of your modern workday. It gives you pragmatic, accessible, body-centered practices you can use in the moment—sitting at your desk, heading into a meeting, getting ready to hop on the next call—to bring stress and anxiety levels down and to feel more present, centered, balanced, and at ease. We’ll start by getting grounded, focused, and calm, drawing on teachings that help explain the stress response and learning easy, practical ways to regulate it in your body. For the next six sessions, we focus on easy and effective (and office-friendly!) ways to release physical tension in those hard-to-relax places—from your neck and shoulders to your belly and low back. We explore how tending to the surface layer of the body has the potential to soothe the brain and the nervous system, as well. Our last day includes a classic meditation practice that supports you in your desire to cultivate more equanimity at work—and to extend that intention to others. Throughout, you’ll build an abundant toolkit of short, simple practices, rooted in ancient wisdom, that you can depend on and integrate into your work life for years to come.
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