Insight Timer
Lisa Marie Staab | Insight Timer
Lisa is a Certified Mindfulness, Meditation & Wellness Mentor Member of Meditation Australia, Reiki Master Practitioner & Trained Chef She's addicted to learning - in fact, it's a core value. As is freedom, traveling, and spreading some joy in the world. + Lisa has healed herself of chronic auto-immune disease that finally showed up as rheumatoid arthritis. + She did it whilst still being able to bring joy to her plate! (kinda important as a chef and foodie) + She found the peace & grace to forgive after a violent assault. + She grabbed life and traveled the globe with her two young children + She's 53 and living her best years yet. All this from sitting still on a mat Lisa holds regular Retreats globally and is recently entrenched in learning and teaching the principles of the Blue Zones (think longevity) along with bringing Mindfulness Principles into everyday, REAL LIFE.
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