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Meet Your Spirit Guides
Meet your team of spirit helpers to bring greater ease and bliss to your life's journey. Spirit guides are messengers through the veil of the third dimension. Your guides and helpers are supportive listeners, wisdom keepers, and healers who have your back. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to many of your own personal guides, as well as ascended masters to help connect with your highest potential. Access greater joy, insightful nuggets of knowledge, and peaceful love. Let’s have some playful curiosity drive this mystical journey of self-discovery using your superpower of intuition. Core shamanic journeywork is infused into the practices as a gateway of accessing your spirit guides in alternate dimensions. We use the steady drumbeat to create relaxation in the mind. When people relax, their brainwaves slow to an ‘Alpha’ rhythm, which is 7–14 cycles per second. When a person reaches this alpha state while they are still conscious, their imagination and intuition are highly active and they can see vivid imagery, like an intense dream. With these heightened extrasensory perceptions, it is the perfect setting to meet with your team of spirit guides. As we meet your team of guides, we will be venturing into divination. Divination is a method of receiving wisdom through spirit to help support you in everyday challenges and decisions. Spirit guides also offer us energy healing and can support our physical bodies through their healing abilities. Buckle up for some surprises along the way!
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