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Affirmations: How to Use Brain Chemistry to Unlock Your Greatest Desire | Insight Timer
Affirmations are positive statements that have the power to banish negative thoughts and help you achieve your goals. When used correctly, these power statements move words into action. Yet, even with the widespread popularity, many question whether or not affirmations genuinely work. It’s not that affirmations do not work; it’s that many practitioners haven’t learned the secret behind the practice. The missing link is a scientific, evidence-based formula that moves a string of words into physical manifestations. Throughout 15 lessons, this formula is broken down into simple, bite-sized journeys starting with your thought process. We then move to understand the emotional body and how connecting emotional is imperative for affirmations to work, why you must practice mindfulness, the different types of affirmations (self-affirmations, general affirmations, prayers, intentions), how to correctly set up your formula, and we’ll tie everything together with the ins and outs of fully engaging in six powerful, active affirmation meditations. Creating an affirmation practice is a beautiful way to uplevel your thinking, break free from habitual thought patterns that do not serve you, and help you create the life you greatly desire. I look forward to taking this journey with you.
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