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Conscious Parenting Through Self-Knowledge & Unconditioning | Insight Timer
This course is focused on how to improve the upbringing and education of children and adolescents through understanding our own social conditioning and how to free ourselves from our emotional burden of the past. This self-knowledge and awareness helps us create a more harmonious and balanced personality and thus, become not only better parents, but also better partners, educators, and leaders. Care and education are the foundations of parenthood. All parents face dilemmas and difficulties, and because of this, it is normal to feel that sometimes we fail. As the father of 4 children, Jan claims that the role of the parent is one of the most difficult and demanding roles in human life. The way that parents, educators, and significant others treat children has a profound impact on their abilities to create harmonious lives as adults, and thus on the quality of our society. Doesn't it seem strange to you that society does not require any preparation to assume this crucial role for the development of the individual? This course aims to share reflections and tools for the development of a more conscious parenting. The goal is to reduce the unconscious repetition of self-defeating and negative behavior patterns resulting from the harmful methods of the traditional socialization process. The modification of the same in the upbringing and in the educational system is essential in order to be able to guide our children in a way that helps them fulfill their potential and live happy lives. And happy people make a happy world.
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