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As A Light Worker: Remembering Your Sacred Contract
In this course, you will have the opportunity to consider yourself as a Light Worker and begin to realise that the many facets of your uniqueness are your greatest gifts to do this journey with more clarity, heightened awareness and compassion. Let us begin to see ourselves as not broken but as the holders of awareness for this time of transformation. Included are points to reconsider more carefully, breath practices, guided meditations, and MindBodySoul reconnections. Joy aims to remind you who you are - A Being of Light - so that you can reveal the embedded codes of your magnificence and support the evolution of our humanity. You will be shown how to incorporate simple practices of mindfulness into your day-to-day living to awaken your subtle awareness and strengthen your confidence in trusting your intuition. May you carry these mindful adjustments and practices into your life and find more ease, flow and grace.
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