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What if you could wake up every day feeling happy and optimistic? You were put here on purpose and with purpose. Happiness and freedom are your birthrights. When you really believe that you are the creator of your life, and begin creating that life on purpose, deliberately and just the way you want it, the world will open up right before you. When you decide that you and only you are in charge of the way you feel, then the magic happens. You want what you want because you think having it will make you happy. It won’t. But if you learn to be happy first, then all your desires will begin to manifest. A vast majority of people today say they are not happy with their lives and are trying desperately to change their circumstances in order to find happiness. You are going to learn that happiness is not something you find outside of yourself, it's something you choose from inside; that you create, that you generate. While you can indeed alter your outside world and you will, you never need to wait for things to change in order to be happy. You can choose to be happy anyway, no matter what. To be the master of your perspective in any circumstance. Instead of trying to change your outer world to find happiness, you will learn to master your inner world to create happiness, and then watch as the world around you changes to match your new high vibration. Hi, I'm Lauren G. Foster and I am so happy to be sharing with you on Insight Timer today. This life course is designed to help you to begin living the life of your dreams, waking up excited and eager every day, in love with your life in this moment, and thrilled about the endless possibilities of your future! In this course, you will complete daily journal activities to help you get back in touch with who you really are and to re-discover the longing of your soul. Your journal will be your constant companion on this journey, so choose it with care and plan to have it with you at all times as you progress through this course. You will begin teaching yourself to shift your attention toward love and appreciation and away from fear, judgment, and discontent. You will reawaken your imagination and remember how to dream. By the end of our time together, you will have a new, bright and shiny outlook on all of your relationships; those with other people, but also your relationship to your own body, to your money, and to your own highest self. You are creating your life and I want to teach you to create your life on purpose. Please take the time to ask questions and share your experiences in the course classroom. I promise to respond to everyone and provide you with any clarity or additional information you would like. I'm so excited to hear from you. Many people will skip over exercises that seem uncomfortable or difficult. I encourage you not to do this. Bring the open and clear mind of a child to this work, trust the process, try everything with an open and willing heart and see what you learn. Finally, set your intention now that you will give yourself the gift of following through and completing the course. About 90 percent of people who begin a course like this never finish. Make up your mind now that you will honor yourself and your life and see the course all the way through. I promise you will be amazed at what will happen when you lend your time, energy, and attention to creating a life of purpose, on purpose. I look forward to being on this journey with you, on your way to happiness and freedom. I'll see you on Day 1!
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