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Resolve to Evolve is a group of us who use yoga, meditation, and other mind-body interventions to heal themselves and others. Witchy, healing, and anti-oppression discussion is encouraged, but please no anti-science. Feel free to recommend your favorite books, tracks & teachers, discuss your meditation experience with others, and stay connected to hear about lives and group meditations. GUIDELINES FOR POSTING 1. Be kind, caring, and anti-oppressive. Try to follow the conversation and be courteous when changing topics. 2. If you recommend a track, please give a quick blurb about what you like or how it helped you. 3. Please no posting of other teacher’s Lives or Courses unless it is in context to conversation. 4. For teachers: please no self-promotion (unless it is context to conversation) otherwise you will be removed. Hosted by Insight Timer teacher, coach, and healer Liz Shuler who offers beginner friendly mindfulness and healing meditations in the guided library. Keep a lookout for lives and courses in the future! Please note: the admins have the right to remove members at their own discretion.
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