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Unlock The Power Of Forgiveness | Insight Timer
Over the next 10 days, we will draw on approaches and philosophies that explore the concept of forgiveness. You will be offered a number of techniques to let go of what no longer serves, in order to thrive and find newfound strength and resilience. We will delve into forgiveness from a space of an empowered spiritual warrior, not from a weakened, subservient or propitiative position. When you let a state of forgiveness into your mindset, you allow yourself to let go of the chains of anger and resentment that may burden you or keep you from enjoying life. Throughout this course you will learn that by giving your mind and body the chance to heal from any trauma you have experienced, you can approach life with excitement rather than dread that you might get hurt again. This course will lead you through the process of forgiveness, explaining what forgiveness really is – and what it is not.
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