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Caregiver Refresh: Creative Breaks For Self-Care And Stress Relief
In this 3-day course, caregivers of all types, but especially family caregivers, will explore how to make time and space for their needs, using spoken word poetry and affirmation meditation to inspire their creative self-care. Creative self-care encompasses many activities and experiences and utilizes the power of your creative passions to carve out time and space (even as little as 5-10 minutes) to engage with activities that light you up inside. You’ll be guided through spoken word poetry and affirmation meditations that call forth your creativity to nurture your inner well-being, helping you transcend your everyday worries and tasks. These teachings will show you how to establish intentions and protect your creative time by setting boundaries, readying your creative space, getting into creative flow, holding grace for yourself, and reducing judgment when dealing with caregiver stress and disruptions to your self-care plan. The poetry, music, and affirmations help establish a safe and self-affirming space for caregivers to explore meaning as they seek to replenish themselves through their creativity.
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