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Mind Retreats: Immersive Visualizations For Relaxation, Healing & Wellbeing
Immersive visualization is a relaxation technique that involves visualizing positive and peaceful settings to promote a calm state in both mind and body. The visualizations in this course are further enhanced with beautiful music, healing sounds and vibrations, and soothing natural sound effects. According to scientific research studies, immersive visualization can help to: - reduce stress and anxiety - ease various symptoms related to stress - improve quality of sleep and ease in getting to sleep - decrease pain - reduce fatigue - reduce the symptoms of depression In this 10 day course, you can allow yourself to escape to stunning destinations where you can relax, rest and heal your mind, body, and soul. Each visualization has been enhanced with music, sounds, vibrations, and natural sound effects which promote both relaxation and healing. In each session, we will also be touching on a different aspect of health and wellbeing and you will be given some simple tools that you can use in everyday life to enhance your journey. Practice a session every day to really feel the benefits of reduced stress and anxiety and improved health and wellbeing. Repeat the 10-day course as many times as you like, each round deepening the experience and enhancing the many benefits of a regular relaxation and meditation practice. This course is suitable for complete beginners, experienced meditators, and everyone in between. Whilst not essential I do recommend using headphones to get the most out of the immersive experience.
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