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Set Healthy Boundaries & Let Go Of People-Pleasing | Insight Timer
Dear Soul, I welcome you to this 20-day course on Insight Timer. I put a lot of time and effort into creating the content of this course, and in the process, I learned so much myself. I have this need to go deep into the core of different subjects. Not just dabble on the surface. And creating this course was no different. There is no quick fix to changing the learned behavior of people-pleasing and the avoidance of setting boundaries. But it is definitely possible to become better, to learn, and to change. And of course, it will require your time, your attention, and your willingness to learn new things and to expand beyond many of your current standards and beliefs. We cannot hold on to the old ways of being and expect things to change. This course provides a solid foundation for that change to be built upon. That’s why I created it in the first place. We explore boundary setting from a holistic standpoint: exploring the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects of boundary setting and people-pleasing You will not only receive theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge, techniques, and resources on things like: how to communicate boundaries effectively with your body, your words, and your energy. How to handle internal and external resistance. How to handle different challenges that might show up, and likely will show up in some way shape, or form. And also, learning how to build confidence and courage to set boundaries and stand by them. That’s probably the most challenging part: standing by your boundaries. You will also learn how to detach from overthinking after setting a boundary, and being at peace with your decision. Is that even possible? I believe it is. I have also created guided meditations that are spread throughout this course. I think this course will challenge you in different ways. Like I said, I was even challenged when creating it, which I am grateful for. I do believe that being challenged in different ways opens some doors for us to walk through, see things differently, and do things differently. There is no sugar coating in this course, nor avoiding talking about things that can sting. I believe we have to do that if we want real change to happen. Doing things that we’ve always done won’t change anything. We’ll just keep repeating the same things over and over again — hoping things will change. I just think that it is much more effective to look at things like they are. The reality of it. Not trying to make it more “sweet” than it is, just to stay comfortable in some way. You know, staying “comfortable” is the reason why we don’t change, when change is needed. The content that I share with you here is with the intention that it will make an empowering difference in your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic health. If you are ready? Let’s begin. Now.
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