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Cord Cutting/Removal Of Unhealthy Attachments | Insight Timer
This is a powerful energy medicine practice that aids in releasing unhealthy attachments. This can be used as an aid in forgiveness work, releasing old patterns and behaviors, or letting go of situations, people, or things. While I do tend to believe in the potency of energy medicine I do think it is also useful to see this from a psychological paradigm. If you take the time to imagine letting go of the things that you want to release your mind will respond. If you do so from a relaxed state of mind it seeps into your subconscious. Here we work with Higher Dimensional Light Beings - The Blue Team. This session is inspired by the teachings of my mentor Psychic Emma of Happy Light. Do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery. Vocals Carla LunAscention Music The Grounded Mystic composed by Music of Wisdom - Licensed from meditationmusiclibrary Solfeggio Frequencies: Sound Effect from Pixabay Image by Gheon Steenkamp
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