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The Magic of Numbers
Numbers are hard-wired into our consciousness, our neurology, our DNA and the cosmos, yet we are very often unconscious of how we are influenced by them. This is a series of twelve metaphysical explorations on the numbers 1 through to 12. Just as we may give little attention to our thoughts, we often ignore the influence of numbers in our lives. I am sure you have noticed digital time pieces reading 11:11, 3:33 or 4:44. Is this significant or a mere coincidence? This course looks at numbers from a metaphysical perspective but is designed to give real world, practical benefits to those explorers who want to dive beneath the skin of the spiritual aspects of numbers. Noting that this course is not about numerology per se. Have a journal handy and be ready for a wild ride of the imagination. When we embrace the appearance of numbers into our lives, we tap into an unlimited source of magic and the potential for unlimited transformation.
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