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Connecting With Trees To Grow Your Intuition
In this 10-day course, you will be guided into connecting with the tree who will become your spiritual teacher for the next 10 days. Through guided meditation, imagery, poetry, breath work, and insightful activities, I will guide you into meeting with the tree that wants to work with you. Through this connection you will learn to better connect with your own intuitive abilities. The same pathway to connect with trees, connects each of us to our intuition. Trees are wonderful spiritual teachers and can show you how to connect better with yourself, with your community and with all of nature to better care for yourself and those around you. Learning to hear the teachings of trees is like learning a new language. Because trees connect through our imaginative mind, listening to them becomes a new way of engaging with the natural world. Trees can teach you how to work with the joys and challenges of life. By connecting with your tree teacher, a new bond will be formed where you will experience deep wisdom that the trees are wanting to share with you. This will help to also become a better friend to yourself. During the 10 lessons, we will take a journey through our connected roots, our hearts and extend this wisdom and connection into our branches and leaves. I look forward to sharing this journey together as we cultivate the language of trees to grow our natural intuitive abilities. I am looking forward to growing with you!
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