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Finding Your Flow For Optimal Performance
Finding Your Flow is a 10-session course that focuses on understanding psychological states that are linked with optimal performance and wellbeing. When in flow, you are totally focused on what you are doing. It can be found when performing in domains as diverse as sport, chess, music, or surgery. It can also be found when you are taking part in everyday activities. Flow is an optimal mind state, and when in flow, we both perform our best, and enjoy what we are doing. The good news is that flow is accessible to anyone willing to invest time into developing psychological skills that set the stage for total task involvement. That is what this course will teach you – a psychological skill set that will enhance your potential to find flow in what you are doing. I will be sharing with you key components of flow state, and how you can build your potential to experience this optimal psychological state. There will be guided meditation practices, and opportunity for detailed self-reflection on your psychological experiences – for this, I suggest having a journal with you as you take this flow journey with me. I look forward to sharing Finding Your Flow with you.
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