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First Aid For Feelings | Insight Timer
The role of physical sensations and emotions is often dismissed, and we go to great lengths to suppress, ignore, numb, or disconnect to these feelings. But all feelings are information and there will come a time when ignoring them will start to negatively impact our work, relationships, and health. Are you familiar with the mnemonic ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) for medical first aid? This course offers a new tool "First Aid for Feelings" that allows you to recognise feelings, even when they are uncomfortable, and deal with them in a productive way. Informed by Thich Nhat Hanh’s practice of looking deeply, these teachings take an inclusive approach to feelings and draw on a deep understanding of how the body’s fight or flight mechanism and freeze response works. You will learn what to do when your feelings intensify to the point that you are struggling, why the way the brain has evolved over millennia, why that means that you’re not as in control of what happens as you might think, and how to work with your brain's inner workings in order to improve your experience and become more skilled in understanding your feelings and acting on them.
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