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Daily Insight: Choosing Personal Qualities
Today is a reflective practice. We’re going to explore some key personal qualities that we all have within us. Personal qualities that, with conscious intent, we can bring to our daily lives helping ourselves and other people be part of the change. What I’d like you to do is this. When the music starts we’re going to explore a list of personal qualities, so you can see which ones resonate most with you. You may like to use a pen and paper, or you may simply like to allow each one to flow through you. Please post in the comments section, and you can start this post with: The personal qualities that I choose today are… And if you’re comfortable with sharing, simply complete the sentence. Let’s post and make a wall of personal qualities, to inspire us and remind us, that these too are within each one of us. Does this encourage you to do something new, or something that you’d like to do more of?
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