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Dr Sara Hernandez | Insight Timer
Dr. Sara Clancy Hernandez is a Psychologist with a private practice in Irvine, CA. She practices a Mindfulness and Emotion-Focused approach to helping others find their own personal healing and restoration. Dr. Clancy Hernandez has noticed that this process often involves leaning into the quiet and calm that can be found in the present. She has learned that for many, clarity and balance exists in the space between moments, the stillness between thoughts. As a ballet dancer in addition to Psychologist, she honors the role of the body in the process of healing. She often incorporates movement in her practice, and throughout her life. By offering mindfulness-based meditations, seminars, retreats, and group and individual therapy, Dr. Clancy Hernandez shares her expertise in the areas of anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma recovery. Dr. Clancy Hernandez is also passionate about teaching ballet, hiking through nature, practicing yoga, and being silly with her animals.
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