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Doorways To Peace: Healing Practices For Everyday Life | Insight Timer
In this course we’ll go deep into the reality of who we truly are as a way to live our best life. This course is about discovering what is left when all layers we build around ourselves fall away. Over the next 30 days together we’ll explore the challenges and joys of being a human being here on Earth. We’ll look at who we really are underneath our thoughts, persona, and ego, and how listening to our heart will always take us to the right path. In our journey we’ll gently invite these layers to fall away to reveal your beautiful soul underneath. The practices and meditations in this course are the ones I’ve found the most transformational and healing in my own life. They come from many spiritual traditions, philosophies, religions, therapeutic approaches, nature, the night, the sun, the moon, and a few tree climbs. I hope my words, music, and stories lift your spirits, light up your heart, and heal your beautiful soul. It is my hope that this course will help you know that deep down you are enough, with all your flaws and imperfections. I hope that along this journey you will look upon yourself with kinder eyes and look at the world with less fearful ones. From this place you can begin to live a life that is true to your heart. A life that holds so much mystery, wonder, and love to be discovered. There is no prerequisite for taking this course. However, I invite you to bring the qualities of openness, curiosity, self-acceptance, and humour along the way.
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