Insight Timer
Daily Insight: Return To Alignment | 852Hz Solfeggio
Todayʼs music piece is inspired from an ancient solfeggio frequency of 852hz, It is embedded with the intention of returning our lives to alignment, to spiritual order. Spiritual order is the natural organizing principles of nature that operates beneath the surface of our awareness of reality. This is the fundamental truth of our existence as spiritual beings having a human experience. By bringing our awareness to the timeless moment of the Now, we are able to tune into this spiritual order which gives us Faith that right now, everything is in itʼs perfect place. That right now, everything is aligned in divine time. That right now, we are connected to the wisdom of our ancestors that runs through our veins, guiding us with their love and assurance that everything in our lives will work out for the highest good. What is something you would like to see come into spiritual order for the highest good in your life at this time?
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