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Living In The Mystery | Insight Timer
This course is an invitation to bring the divine here, into your life. Explore, through this course, just how you can work in harmony with the divine so you can enjoy incredible experiences in your life. Living in the mystery offers alternative approaches to some of the key concepts we explore in spirituality: from guidance, intuition, faith, and surrender to manifestation, destiny, synchronicity. The course will also be presenting ideas and insights on how to meet reality as we acknowledge that we - as a consciousness - have fundamentally changed. Essentially, however, this course is designed to create space for you to ask more questions than discover particular answers as this reflects the freedom of the spiritual seeker. Offering theory, real-life experiences, and heart-centered spoken words or “soul language,” allow the words to travel to a deeper part of you. The one that already knows. Living in the mystery is to recognize that you are part of something fundamentally wonderful. You are part of an incredible sacred mystical reality. And that mystery is trying to communicate with you…
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