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10 Tools for Empaths: Turning Sensitivity into the Gift of Self-Love
The language of empathic people is the language of reading energy, the energy of our bodies. Learning how to speak and understand this language is a lifelong journey. We will be spending the next ten days together in this course learning tools that help you not only understand what it means to be empathic, and highly sensitive, but how to understand what it is exactly you are experiencing inside yourself. Many of us, who are empaths, grew up hearing the phrase, “You’re SO sensitive.” Whomever said this phrase to us, it was usually delivered in a negative tone. We may have been taught that we needed to stop being this way. The most important idea I wish to convey to you through this course is the truth – Yes, you are, in fact, highly sensitive. The difference between the two statements, the one said to you and the one you own as your truth, is that I want to teach you to embrace and own your sensitivity as a gift. You are not broken, you don’t need fixing and in fact, you were born this way – with a highly sensitive nervous system. This IS your body. The tools I share during the course are not meant to fix you. Instead, they are here to help you in the process of learning how to work with your highly sensitive body. I will share a diverse range of tools that span from approaching the physical body, to working with your mental thoughts and branching into working with the spiritual realm to help guide and protect you. It’s my goal to help you embrace the body you were born with and see your empathic traits as gifts. It takes time and practice to learn to understand the language of your own body. You will discover which of these tools is best for you personally. As John O’Donahue shares in his book Anam Cara, “Your body is your house of belonging here in the world. It is a sacred temple. Spending time with it brings you towards wisdom.” May this course bring you the wisdom of listening to and caring for your sacred temple to turn your sensitivity into self-love and appreciation for the gift of being you.
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