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Manifestation From The Inside-Out - Fulfilment Begets Success | Insight Timer
Whether you have a sense that the world/universe is hostile and scarce, or welcoming and generous, what you have is not so much a description of how the world is, but a belief about the world that fulfils itself. Foster a new belief and you change the world… change the universe! New opportunities that may otherwise have been missed present themselves and this can not only help you to become more successful, wealthy and fulfilled, but healthy, vibrant and joyful! Master the alchemy of crafting your own affirmations and visualisations; build a daily practice that makes manifestation your new normal; use the classroom to and your journal to gain assistance and to develop and perpetuate your practice. Soundscape and words are produced and created by me, influenced by the work of Carl Jung and Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you find it difficult to distinguish imagined content from the content of reality, it is recommended that you only use this course with approval from a medical professional.
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