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10-minute Morning Affirmations | Insight Timer
10 minutes is all that it takes, each morning, to set the energetic tone for your day; to create your ideal day. This morning affirmation course, based on the nine natural energies of the Tao, will help you create balance, peace, calm and happiness. Each affirmation starts with gentle breathing, then a short teaching, and after that, we will experience the daily affirmation together using gentle repetition. Each morning affirmation involves the mind, a mudra and a mantra. A mind exercise awakens and enchants the superhero within; a mudra of specific gestures expresses the power of the body and engages it in active participation; a mantra is carefully chosen words that are expansive pockets of energy. The 9 natural energies of the Tao are: - Fire energy and the morning affirmation are all about charisma, personal growth, and courage - Earth energy is all about self-love, nourishment, respect - Lake energy is all about intuition, optimism, creativity - Thunder energy is all about inspiration, connections, strength - Heaven energy is all about perspective, support, and being unrestricted - Water energy is all about compassion, confidence, flow - Mountain energy is all about spirituality, wisdom, steadiness - Wind energy is all about intellect, kindness, and being supercharged - Tai Chi energy is all about balance, non-resistance, inner peace These affirmations will help you create a life in which you can be a certain kind of person who lives a certain kind of life. I look forward to welcoming you into the course classroom. Music and sound effects are provided by Liam Wilkinson, Sound Engineer.
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