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Protect Your Energy
Have you ever come home wiped out after being with someone or in a group setting? Ever feel like you could use some additional protection when in community? This four day course is designed to support you as you interact with other people. It's not about putting a guard up. As a matter of fact we want to keep our heart and chakra's open. It's about being in the beautiful presence of others and not taking on their energy. Think of this course as an amazing benefit for not only you but anyone you come in contact with as well. It's truly good for all involved. This course provides powerful protection practices through exploration of cleansing your energy field and connecting to Mother Earth, your intuition, and guardian angel(s). The encouraged actions and guided meditation practices are channeled by angels and my spirit guides. By the end of this course you will have multiple tools to infuse into protecting your body of energies that are not your own. My wish for you is to feel even more vibrant and light when implementing this course's intentions. Happy protecting!
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