Insight Timer
MIDL 03/52: Retraining Diaphragm Breathing
MIDL anxiety Softening Into Technique. The exercise uses the MIDL Softening Into skill for retraining autonomous diaphragmatic breathing and accessing mental Stillness. This MIDL Softening Into technique is used for temporarily switching off the Fight / Flight response and for temporarily removing the suffocation and unpleasant symptoms of anxiety. This management of symptoms is the first of four steps in the MIDL anxiety deconditioning technique protecting you from re-enforcing the habitual anxious cycle. It can be used for aiding in lowering the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain and trauma. This technique also creates a foundation for the second MIDL Pillar of Softening Into for establishing Mindfulness practice within daily life. Have a question? Insight Timer Group: MIDL Mindfulness in Daily Life with Stephen Procter. Private question? Send me a question.
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